Mango Freeze

Hey guys, today I am introducing the Mango Freeze. Its a sweet drink with color! My husband actually told me about it. I decided to try it.

*Each layer is blended with ice. We had used a Ninja Blender and blended the ice really well, like a slushie drink. When we had made the drinks, the ice in the bottom layer started melting quite quickly. 

The bottom layer: Grenadine and Mango Liqueur (we had used Mango Rum - the Liqueur is what gives it a sweet taste). 

The middle layer: Orange Vodka and Pinapple Juice (bought at any store). My sister-in-law had also put in an extra thing to make the orange stand out. She put in an orange drink mix. 

The top layer: Blue Curacao. 

The middle layer is usually lighter than what it is. There are many ways that it may turn out, but using a regular blender and blending the ice well, turned it into a slushie type for us. The middle layer was a bit over welming for me, but you couldn't taste the alcohol in it. It was sweet. We are going to try it with the liqueur next time. 



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  1. saleejah

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    June 02, 2016